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Politician Joe Stagni Caught Sexting [Photos]

Another day, another politician caught sexting. This time it’s Joe Stagni, a Louisiana councilman from Kenner City who has openly admitted to sending a few pics of himself to an employee of the city. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with politicians and the uproar of sexting that’s taking place but here’s how Fox 8 is reporting it,

Kenner City Councilman Joe Stagni is apologizing for a “racy” picture of himself which ended up on a city computer system.

Stagni sent the picture via text message to a Kenner employee back in 2009. That text message was forwarded through Kenner’s email system to at least one other employee.

Monday night, Stagni released a statement saying, “I had an inappropriate but consensual relationship with an adult female and we exchanged improper electronic communications which ended in 2009. I did not use any government computer or city issued equipment to send or receive these communications.

Something must be in the water. Is it that serious your ready to lose your job. #imbaffled

[Global Grind]



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