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Video: Beyonce Calls Glastonbury Festival a Career Milestone

For those who watched the BET Awards last night, you got to see a portion of Beyonce’s Glastonbury Festival performance at the end of the show.  In case you didn’t know, she became the first African-American woman to headline the festival, which was attended by 175,000+.  Her hubby, Jay-Z, became the first rapper to headline the show just a few years prior.  Post show, an elated Beyonce sat down with BBC’s Lauren Laverne and Jo Whiley to talk about the historic event (it was watched by a record 2.5 million viewers on BBC television).

Interview Highlights:

On it being a highlight of her career:
I’m feeling so good. I’m completely high. It’s so surreal of what just happened and I wasn’t kidding when I said, “This night was a dream.” I felt like a rock star and the crowd looked like rock stars. I’m just so honored really; this is like a highlight of my career.

On the build up to the actual performance:
It’s been a couple of months just working on the set list, the band, the costumes and it’s all this anticipation. I was able to see my husband perform here a couple years ago and it was one of the most exciting night’s for me. I don’t know if I would’ve been asked to come if he didn’t do the performance and I’m so happy because I don’t normally do festivals with a 175,000 people. I was very nervous and everyone gave me so much love and I will never ever, ever, EVER forget this night.

At one point, I had to stop myself because I got really emotional for “Halo.” My team worked really hard spending the past three days filming really beautiful people. Being able to touch all of the fans, it was a real beautiful moment for me.

On getting advice from Jay-z and Chris from Coldplay:
Absolutely, I sent Chris my set list and made sure he approved it because he’s the master of this and of course Jay, they all just told me to relax and be myself.

On deciding on the set list:
I had a few songs that I wanted to do and tried to narrow them down to Prince and Kings of Leon. I just did all my singles and Destiny’s Child songs. It was exciting to see performing “Girls” for the first time in the UK how the response was and it was great.

On the stage design:
I wanted to bring some funk and some soul. I was standing on the pyramid stage….I know it’s very literal but that’s what gave me the idea. I saw the stage and I had such a wonderful time in Egypt and it was really impactful and it inspired a lot of my music so I said let’s do a really nice pyramid in the back, keep it simple.

On how she dances in heels:
I can tell you the whole time I was thinking about these (points down to flat boots).

Spotted: Beyonce’s supporters: Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steve Stoute and Jay Electronica!!


Watch the interview below:




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