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Part 2: Elevate the Conversation- HIV/AIDS Awareness

I’m back with part two of “Elevate the Conversation;” a blog post concerning HIV awareness.  (Read Part One HERE)  Today is June 27- National HIV Testing Day!  Black women represent the majority of people represented with the deadly disease in this country.  Today, and every day after, is your chance to be brave, be an example, and most importantly, be safe. 


Sure, there are plenty of barriers and issues that can lead us astray.  There are other things that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, whether it be working a 9-to-5, paying bills, or taking care of our kids.  Sometimes we don’t even have access to places that offer HIV testing.  And let’s not forget the other consequence that unprotected sex carries: pregnancy. HIV testing far too often takes a back seat to all of these things.  Today, I ask you to stop and think: What if you find out years down the road that you’re carrying a deadly disease you could’ve prevented or treated early on? IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS.  But being healthy and aware is. 

Black Women’s Health Imperative President and CEO said: “HIV infection among Black

women is a complex mix of economic, social, cultural, biological, environmental, and

behavioral factors.  The HIV statistics about Black women are often buried within the

statistics of the general HIV/AIDS population or are lumped together with statistics on

Black men. This practice disguises the compelling evidence that Black women represent a

disproportionate number of HIV cases, compared to our representation in the overall female population in the US.

My fellow sisters (and brothers):  Plain and simple- GET TESTED! I promise, it’s not as bad or scary as it seems and you will feel AMAZING after.  Why? Because you took responsibility and became someone that others can look up to!  While you’re at it, get tested for STD’s and STI’s as well.  People often forget about those.  And remember to always WRAP IT UP.

Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex
’cause you don’t want that late text, that “I think I’m late” text
Heh-heh, so wrap it up.

 The Black Women’s Health Imperative in Washington, DC is the only organization devoted solely to advancing the health and wellness of Black women and girls through advocacy, education and leadership development. divaMissioN is teaming with them to spread HIV awareness in anticipation of National HIV Testing Day- June 27.  Visit ELEVATEConversation.org to learn more about HIV testing and prevention.


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  1. “Stop making excuses.” AMEN!!!!

    June 27, 2011 at 10:09p06

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