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Mixtape: Da Brat- “Life After Death”

Life After Death

Da Brat is out of jail and keeping it real on her newest mixtape Life After Death, for the intro she’s unleashing feelings towards the haters and not caring. Known for her hit remix to Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now she does the same for other hits such as Miguel’s Sure Thing and Kelly Rowland’s Motivation. 

Life After Death Tracklisting

1. “Intro – Life After Death”
2. “It’s Brat (Tupac Back Remix)”
3. “West Side”
4. “Get It Get It” feat. Jadakiss and Brandon Hines
5. “Racks (Remix)”
6. “Sure Thing (Remix)”
7. “Second Chance”
8. “Fab 5 Freddy”
9. “Dumb Stupid Crazy” feat. Twista
10. “Motivation (Remix)”
11. “Look at Me Now (Remix)”

Listen Here: Life After Death


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