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Video: ‘Break My Heart’ Estelle ft. Rick Ross

Estelle is on her sexy swag in the visuals for “Break My Heart” featuring Rick Ross.  The beautiful video was shot in Malibu and co-directed by Chris Robinson and Iren Brown.  It’s the first single from her third album All of Me.  

“The basic concept is I’m rolling up to this house and I’m having a dinner party, but I invited this guy that I’m trying to get it on with,” explained Estelle.“And the entire time I’m thinking about him, but in my heart I’m doubting, maybe he’ll break my heart. I pray he doesn’t break my heart.”

Ross was also excited to work with Estelle: “Me collaborating with Estelle was just a matter of time, me being a huge fan of hers. Me really loving her style of music, her level of class,” he said. “I love making music with real genuine songbirds and that’s exactly what she is.”

Hehe, I love how he calls her a “songbird.”  Watch the vid below:




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