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Odd Future and Chris Brown Squash Beef

Shxt got real…so the beef gets squashed.

Today, a video on WorldStarHipHop showed some of Chris Brown’s friends following Odd Future Frank Ocean in a car while shouting obscenities….because that’s so mature (insert sarcasm here).  Tyler, the Creator and Ocean both had something to say about it:

Tyler:  “This Shit Isn’t Gonna Stop Till Someone Gets Fucking Killed. I Feel Like Its Gonna Be One Of My Ni**as Just Skating Down The Street…“Send 7 Dudes With A Camera To Make Frankie Look Like A Bitch, Like, Really?…And Its Not [Chris] That’s Doing It, Its The People Around Him. They Like ‘You Gonna Let Him Say That? Fuck That Ni**a’. This Shit Has Gotten Outta Hand. Real Shit.”

Frank:  “alrite. this has to end. freeze on social networks for a minute. freeze on the internet. freeze on the matrix. real world time. brb.”

Then they all kissed and made up.

Chris Brown:  “This beef shit is stupid, @frank_ocean I respect ya music and you and Odd Future! Ain’t beefing wit nobody. Y’all can have that! Love.”

Tyler:   “@chrisbrown Shit Got Too Real On Both Ends. I’m Over It. We’re All Over This Shit. Its Stupid As Fuck. Swag It Out.”

I think that all three parties should learn to control their anger so that beef doesn’t start in the first place.  Second, Chris should try to surround himself with more mature people.  Third, they all need to take a break from Twitter.

In case you missed the video:



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