"Your Daily POPculture Re-up"

50 Cent Plays The Black Card: “It’s Harder For Black Artists To Crossover”

50 Cent doesn’t seem to be quite pleased with the progression of his forthcoming new album Black Magic. That being said his record label is not happy either and he’s blaming it on his race. 50 says,

“When you say Lady Gaga, pop artist, they want them to just deliver a song.  Her records go to Top 40 and crossover radio immediately. You can’t really compare it to any artist that would be considered a pop artist or a white artist.”

In an interview with MTV NEWS he added,

“What we consider urban radio or rhythmic radio was referred to as black radio at one point. That right there is something I’m conscious of.”

How do you feel about it?? Does 50 Cent have a point??


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