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Video: Amy Winehouse Butchers ‘Comeback’ Performance; Goes on Hiatus

In another attempt to make a comeback, Amy Winehouse fails once again.  During a concert in Belgrade, Amy was visibly drunk and struggling to get through songs.  She had to lean on her background singer to get her through most of her vocals as she wandered the stage, talking to her musicians and sitting on equipment.  It is widely reported that the crowd boo’d the entire time….obviously.

Since that performance, her rep has announced that today’s show in Istanbul and Wednesday’s show in Athens have been canceled because “she cannot perform to the best of her ability” and feels “this is the right thing to do.”

Last month, UK tabloids reported that Amy visited doctors who told her that her longtime addition to alcohol will soon lead to death if she doesn’t get her act together.

SMDH.  Watch the foolery below:



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