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divaFotos: VH1’s Myammee Opens Successful Hair Salon

When most people think of reality show girls, they think of females out for their 15 minutes of fame and recognition.  Well, it looks like one of those is going against the fold and doing something commendable.

You all know Angela Pitts, aka Myammee from a bevy of VH1 reality shows, including “Flavor of Love” and “For the Love of Money, (I think that was the title)” where she actually walked away with prize money. Well, she took that money and opened her own salon, “Myammee’s” in Miami Gardens, where she hosted a Hawthorne watching party.  Rumor is that her salon is doing very well.

I absolutely love this.  She’s a smart one for taking her fame and money and doing something worthwhile.  That is definitely diva behavior.

More pics of the Hawthorne watch party below:





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