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Beyonce Covers L’UOMO VOGUE

We told you this Beyonce promo was going to be non-stop until the release of her upcoming album 4. The Queen B recently graced the cover of the July/August 2011 issue of L’UOMO VOGUE. Lounging in a black tuxedo, white tux shirt, bowtie and some Tom Ford pumps Beyonce is definitely running the world.

Talking freely with the magazine she touches on how she aspires to become an icon,

“I killed off Sasha Fierce. I don’t need her anymore. I am Sasha Fierce.  I’m much more interested in showing people the sensitive, the passionate, the compassionate person that I am. More so than Sasha Fierce.”

“Being an icon is my dream. It is the ultimate compliment and it has a lot of responsibilities. I take it very seriously.”
Two snaps and a twirl, I feel that Beyonce is well on her way to being an icon. What do you think??

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