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R.I.P: ‘Grease’ Actor Jeff Conaway Dies

This is devastating.

Jeff Conaway, actor famously known for his roles in the movie musical Grease and the tv show Taxi passed away at a Los Angeles hospital after being taken off life support.  He had been in a coma for two weeks after being found unconscious in his home.  Family members made the decision to have him taken off of life support Thursday; his ex-girlfriend, Vikki, tried to do the opposite, but failed in her attempts.

When Jeff was first admitted, his manager Phil Brock said that it was due to an overdose of medication, but Dr. Drew Pinsky visited him in the hospital and said the overdoes was most likely unintentional.  “There is no evidence showing Jeff died from an overdose. This was aspiration with overwhelming pneumonia and sepsis. Jeff is another example of a pharmaceutical death from the overutilization of prescription drugs,” said Pinsky.

Jeff fell out of the spotlight in the late 80’s after work became scarce for him.  He resurfaced in the media in the 2000’s when he was a patient on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  He became one of the most popular patients on the show due to his severe drug addiction, which he dealt with for most of his life.

“I’ve tried to commit suicide 21 times.  I’m terrible at it! I get depressed over how come I can’t kill myself…Mostly it’s been with pills…I’ve taken enough pills to knock an elephant out…God wants me on this planet for some reason or another,”  he once told Howard Stern.

He is survived by his wife, Kerry Young-Conaway, sisters Shreve and Michele Goffin, and stepson Emerson.

Celebrities who knew Jeff have already started expressing their condolences:

Corey Feldman:  “Yet again another beautiful soul is wasted due to the growing problem of pharmaceutical addiction.  I have lost way too many friends because of irresponsible practices where doctors are overmedicating obvious addicts. It’s horriffic and disgusting! My heart goes out to Jeff’s family, he was a wonderful human.”

Butch Patrick:  “I am devastated.”

John Travolta: “Jeff Conaway was a wonderful and decent man, and we will miss him.  My heartfelt thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this very difficult time.”

Marilu Henner:  “Jeff was like a brother to me.  Tony Danza and I visited Jeff in the hospital almost daily over the past two weeks. We saw how much love surrounded him, along with his sisters, Michelle and Carla, his wife, Kerri, his ex-wife, Rona, and his friend, Lance. Jeff looked the healthiest I’d seen him in a long time and I really thought that he was going to come out of this.  I will miss my talented, handsome, loving friend so much.”

Let’s hope he can finally rest in peace.


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