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Lady Gaga To Sell 1 Million in First Week

I predicted this!

The force that is Lady Gaga is taking over the Billboard charts this week.  Billboard projects that her third album Born this Way will sell more than a million copies in its first week.  Available at over 27,000 non-traditional retailers worldwide, the album sold over 500,000 copies in its first day alone.

What sends Born this Way on its way to the one million mark is Amazon.  The website offered the album for $0.99 two days this week; it shut down at one point because so many people were trying to buy the album at the same time.  Gaga’s team is not responsible for the discount; her manager Troy Carter says:  “Although we weren’t aware of Amazon’s deal that they were offering, I applaud them for their efforts,” Carter told The Lefsetz Letter.

It’s unusual for an artist to sell this much in one week.  Taylor Swift was the last one to reach this incredible feat; her last album, Speak Now, sold 1,047,000 in its debut week.  Before that, Lil Wayne famously sold 1,005,000 of Carter III.  

What I think people should note is that unlike Swift and Wayne, Lady Gaga is selling a million simply because of who she is, not solely because of a hit first single.  She’s managed to create a brand of herself in three short years that so many “Little Monsters” are invested in.  If her albums continue to create these kind of numbers, I won’t be surprised.

Have YOU bought Born this Way?


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