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What the Critics Are Saying About ‘Born This Way’

Today, the most anticipated album so far this year, Born This Way, is released.  I’m sure Little Monsters everywhere are swarming the record stores to get their copy, but for the more cautious folk, see what the critics are saying before you spend your hard-earned money:

The Washington Post:  Whether by fluke, curse or cosmic coinky-dink, Lady Gaga’s new music is everything that she’s not. It’s boring.Her second full-length album “Born This Way” finds pop’s most enthralling figure preening in a maze of drab melodies — gunmetal gray dance tracks that attempt to embrace the freaks of the universe while refusing to get all that freaky.

Rolling Stone: What makes Born This Way so disarmingly great is how warm and humane Gaga sounds. There isn’t a subtle moment on the album, but even at its nuttiest, the music is full of wide-awake emotional details. 

USA Today: Gaga’s new tunes seem cooler and more calculated, sucking you in (or banging you over the head) with a barrage of bracing grooves that can grow numbing. There’s the pummeling electronica of “Judas,” the breathless Eurodisco of “Scheibe,” the winking, Latin-tinged dance-pop of “Americano.” 

Los Angeles Times: But after such an extensive rollout, a few clever lines and a choice hook, drum fill, vocal run isn’t nearly enough. If Gaga had only spent as much time on pushing musical boundaries as she has social ones, Born This Waywould have been a lot more successful.

Chicago Tribune: As it is, Born This Way feels rushed—from the cheesy, photo-shopped cover art to the hyperventilating music. It is the sound of a major artist sprinting to please everyone all the time—and even a pop star as inclusive as Gaga can’t pull that off. 

SPIN: Calibrating the crazy in her music is no easy task, but Gaga twists the right knobs on Born This Way, applying her ’80s pastiche to throbby grooves and sentimental tunes that’ll pierce the hearts of both Little Monsters and heartland moms. … Lady Gaga certainly wasn’t born this way, but she’s making a convincing case that she’s evolving into our most surreally brilliant pop star. 

BBC Music: This is not quite the revolution, and certainly not the greatest album ever made. It’s a storming collection of high-concept pop brilliance designed to soundtrack every preposterously tremendous Gaga moment for the next 18 months. If there’s a gripe to be had, it’s regarding the length: At an hour long, Born This Way initially feels more like an assault than an event, and it could easily lose a couple of tracks. However, if she is planning on releasing nine singles from it, then nobody can come away feeling ripped off.

Who’s buyin’?!


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