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Jessie J. Talks to OUT About Her Bisexuality

We all know Jessie J. is a soulful British singer, but did you know that she loves the boys AND the girls?!  In an interview for OUT Magazine’s ‘Hot List,” the “Price Tag” singer opened up about her sexuality and her popularity in the United States:

On her bisexuality:

“If you love somebody and they’re the same sex as you, you should be able to marry them and you should be able to have children with them, but I don’t feel that sexuality should define anyone…Everybody’s life is their own and they have their own faith and religion and sexuality, and I don’t think I want to shove anything down people’s throats.”

On her popularity in the U.S:

“It’s quite nice to be able to walk around without people wanting a picture or running over to me…I recently had a bit of a panic attack [in London], like a moment of I can’t go out by myself anymore!“…”At the end of the day I’ve spent seven years preparing for this, and if I wasn’t aware of the fact that your independence gets taken away and that your life isn’t the same, then I couldn’t really do the job…You’ve just got to embrace it.”


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