"Your Daily POPculture Re-up"

Diva Of The Week: Shantell Huggins

This week’s diva is truly a one woman show. Confident, strong and very serious about achieving her goals Shantell Huggins is doing what most are not. Born in the Bronx and later living in Jamaica don’t let the tough exterior fool you. At the age of 22 Shantell has completed her undergraduate studies at Montclair State University with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Leadership through Civic Engagement. Some of her internships included NJN, WCBS radio and was an associate at PAN DESI/Dish network. She currently works as an Account Executive Assistant and has active plans of pursuing her Masters degree.

As if that’s not enough Shantell strives for more, it’s what divas do! She is the Co-Production Director and Talent Liaison of “Live Up” which is  a non profit organization spreading awareness throughout communities about AIDs, STI, Cancer and other fatal diseases. She coordinates programs, workshops and talent recruits for “LIV UP’s” documentaries and web reality series. As a member of “Liv Up,” her talents will be shown through advertisement, entertainment, and broadcast journalism. Their goal is to inform everyone.LIFE IS VALUABLE, USE PRECAUTION! … LIV UP! In the next 5 years she hopes to produce several accredited, acclaimed, inspiring documentaries and network programs, to have a great career in entertainment and broadcasting, and to travel the world!  She often uses the quote,

“If there is no struggle then there is no progress”- Frederick Douglass

As far her her own personal style she says,

I want to age like fine wine…strong taste but a savory finish. LOL eventhough I am 22! I have a very Laidback look, like to wear things that others don’t typically wear or can’t find 😉 and I hate MATCHING!

MUST HAVE: COOL earrings! FLY Sunglasses, Killer combat boots and a rocking BLAZER!

As you can see Shantell is our “Diva Of The Week” for a reason, she’s doing it, from her non-profit org that we truly commend her on for aiding in getting the word out and working effortless for because these diseases still killing black WOMAN a high rate.We encourage Shantell to continue on her path and we have a strong feeling in the near future everyone will know her name! Thank you for being our “Diva Of The Week” no one else could have been a better match.


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