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Gucci Mane Covers The Source


Gucci Mane, that ice cream tattoo, and bling are on the cover of The Source’s April 2011 issue.  Inside, he talks about being famous in Atlanta, the media mistaking him for stupid, and his desire to be “the richest man in Atlanta.”

On critics calling him less than intelligent:

“Yeah. The critics and bloggers ridicule and scrutinize [but] it fuels my fire. I can’t say I want to enjoy all the spoils of the game without being criticized. I actually welcome it as a part of success. I don’t want everybody to like me. So many people feel like I don’t deserve the things I got. I know I worked so hard for ‘em, so [criticism] makes me work even harder.”

“When I came out of school, I had a 3.4 GPA,” said Gucci, who went to Georgia Perimeter College. “I was always a smart guy. I always prided myself on being a challenger and making challenging decisions. I’m not perfect, but I definitely try my best to be a good person that makes wise decisions.”

On Being Famous in Atlanta:

“I’m so big in Atlanta right now, I can’t even go outside.  It never used to be like this. Now old people, white people, all people know who I am. Like people almost wrecking their car to take a picture of my car.  Yesterday, I’m in my Ferrari, I get pulled over, the cop comes to the car and says, ‘Sorry, I just wanna see the inside of your Ferrari.’ I swear to God.”


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