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Paul McCartney Wants The Beatles Sampled More In Hip-Hop

Paul McCartney wishes that “The Beatles” would be sampled more in hip-hop. There 1968 release of  “The White Album” inspired others such as Jay-Z in 2003 with “The Black Album” and Danger Mouse with “The Grey Album”.  In an upcoming documentary Paul McCartney tells BBC Radio 1 that the record company put up a fuss about it.

“But the thing was the record company minded. They didn’t like that and they put up a bit of a fuss. But it was like, take it easy guys, it’s a tribute.”

McCartney says “The Beatles” borrowed heavily from hip-hop’s influence.

“It was really cool when hip-hop started, you would hear references in lyrics, you always felt honoured,” McCartney says. “It’s exactly what we did in the beginning – introducing black soul music to a mass white audience. It’s come full circle, it’s well cool. When you hear a riff similar to your own, your first feeling is ‘rip-off’. After you’ve got over it you think, look at that, someone’s noticed that riff.”

Well said Paul.

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