"Your Daily POPculture Re-up"

Calling Divas EVERYWHERE: Be ‘Diva of the Week’

The mission of divaMissioN is to redefine the meaning of “diva.”  In our society, especially in entertainment, we often see people labeled as “diva” for their over-the-top demands and bad attitudes.  To us,a diva  is a woman who has great style, creates and accomplishes goals, and is a positive influence to those around them.

Are these all qualifications you meet? Do you know someone who does? Then this is YOUR TIME TO SHINE!  

“Diva of the Week” is an original idea from divaMissioN.  Every week, we honor one diva through an article.  It’s posted to Facebook everyday, twice a day and tweeted twice a day for one week.  As “Diva of the Week,” all we ask is that you share your article throughout the week, “like” and share the divaMission FB page, and follow us on Twitter (@divamission) if you have one.  

Ready to be “Diva of the Week?!” Email us at divamission@gmail.com with the following:

1. Name (and nickname if you have one)

2. Age

3. Education 

4. Job

5. Future Goals and Aspirations

6. Answer this questions: What is your personal style.

7. Anything else you would want divaMissioN readers to know

8. 4-5 pictures illustrating your personal style.



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