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Diva Of The Week- Melissa Noel


Do you know what time it is….tell me do you KNOW, lol, yes all it’s time for Diva Of The Week.

Our newest diva is Melissa Noel and let me tell you about why Ms. Noel is truly a diva. At the age of 22 Melissa already has a hefty list of accomplishments under her belt and she is striving for even more. A Broadcast and Journalism graduate of Howard University were she graduated with honors ( Summa Cum Laude) Melissa is setting the bar…high. Here’s a list of just a few of her accomplishments.

White House Correspondents’ Association Scholar 2009-2010
Broadcast Image Award from the John H. Johnson School of Communications
Who’s Who Among American College Students 2009-2010
American News Women’s Club Scholar 2009-2010
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Harry Dorfman Award for Journalism
Female On-Air Personality of the Year WHBC Radio 2008
Show of The Year WHBC Radio (Howard’s Student Run Radio Station) 2008

Yes, the girl is fierce. She is currently working as a News Associate with ABC and has long term goals of creating a multi- broadcast outlet that focuses on stories out of the Caribbean and Africa were they are often overlooked or untold.  Melissa says, “There are large immigrant populations from these two groups across the United States and I feel this is a general untapped news market beyond a hurricane  or crime story here or there. I want to tell their stories and give people from these places more of a presence in the media.”

And she couldn’t be more right, here’s what she has to say about her own personal style,

“I would describe my personal style  as sophisticated with a subtle sexiness. I like to mix classic looks  with a splash of modern. Give me anything article of clothing and I  can make it work.”

Melissa is a go-getter and although she makes it look easy nothing worth having comes without struggle. Her determination, work ethic and resilience allows for her to keeping pushing and I’m absolutely positive that she will reach every single goal she sets out for in life. We here a divaMissioN are honored to have you as our Diva Of The Week.






One response

  1. Eddie Holiday

    Miss. Noel definitely deserves this award. Such a talented and spirited young lady, she will most certaintly be a future “mover and shaker” in the news industry– very impressive.

    December 22, 2010 at 10:09p12

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