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FunkMaster Flex Pissed Off Amber Rose

So, if you haven’t heard, Kanye West was on FunkMaster Flex’s radio show the other night to talk about a variety of things including Amber Rose. He explained how they met and her influence on his film “Runaway.” It seems as though Amber Rose misinterpreted the whole thing and saw Flex call her a hoe on Twitter, when in reality, he RETWEETED some of his listeners’ responses to the interview. He’s what his listeners had to say:

NovacaneFAME: @funkmasterflex amber rose is all hype..she’s a 5 at best in the face..and gave ye the lewinsky treatment to get poppin *shrugs*

Cottrell_AR: @funkmasterflex let’s be honest, until @KanyeWest got with her we didn’t know who the fuck she was. A few ppl still don’t!!!!

VISIONARY_TREND: nah forget that @funkmasterflex is rite what was she doing before kanye. Bobbing and slobbing! Please y’all act like she’s Michelle Obama!

MeezyPFBlvd: I f*cks wit @funkmasterflex & his comments ain’t nobody know amber rose before Ye so the hell she got to be salty for

Here’s what Amber had to say:

It really hurts my feelings that @Funkmasterflex feels that way about me he was one of my favorite DJ’s

One question @funkmasterflex how am I a hoe when I was in a RELATIONSHIP for 2 years with a man that I loved???

Someone gave u ur start at hot 97 right??? @funkmasterflex did u hire yourself? No u didn’t. Life is a blessing this was handed to me!

I have opportunities @funkmasterflex to do great things and help ppl why would u hate on that? Because Kanye helped me?

God bless @funkmasterflex hope u could put urself in my shoes before u are so judge mental next time.

And here’s what Flex had to say:

nice try… i didnt call you a hoe.. retweeted peoples tweets.. stop stressing kanye interveiew thats how this started! one!

Oh, lawd….Twitter is always startin’ some trouble…smh…


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